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  • Uniform Approach to Delivery

    Jim Aldrich, Felly's Flowers and Gifts, Madison, Wis.

    "Unique" or "no two alike" are terms florists usually prefer to "uniform" or "can't tell them apart." However, when it comes to his delivery service, Jim Aldrich strives for sameness because "all the same" translates into "easily recognized."

    "All our vans look alike," he said. "All four may be delivering to different parts of town, but people think they're seeing the same van all over the place."

    Felly's Flowers and Gifts' delivery fleet of four permanent vehicles are all the same color, with the name and logo prominently displayed on the rear doors and both sides. Jim uses vinyl, stick-on signs because they are durable and can be removed. He keeps several extras for use in case the trucks are in an accident and a new sign needs to be attached on short notice.

    Inside, he's equipped his vans with plenty of storage by adding shelves. Then, he hammered nails into the surface of the shelves every few inches. The nail heads give the baskets something to catch on so they won't slide off in transit.

    Jim's drivers wear Felly's shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and/or baseball caps. Employees don't mind dressing in the company uniforms because they have apparel for all types of weather and the company pays for half the cost.

    "When people see the van and the uniformed driver, it makes them feel good," Jim pointed out. "We're no longer strangers. We're Felly's."


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