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  • Trends for the Summer: Yellow and Wood

    Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Center

    Yellow flowers will be much in demand this summer and - set off by natural wood, reeds and bamboo - are bound to look their best. Cheerful yellow attracts customers into the shop.

    One Color, One Flower

    Mixed colorful bouquets will gradually be moving into the background. Meanwhile, flowers of one kind and color will set the tone this summer, sometimes augmented by just a single contrasting element to give the contents of a vase a bit of sparkle - a rounded flower shape next to a tall, tapered one, or a stately flower next to a raggedy type. Simplicity is the trend as this new century gets off to a start. What is important are the flowers themselves. And while the flowers are intentionally placed in the limelight, their supporting actors are made up of irregularly shaped branches and sprays - reeds or bamboo - that form the perfect backdrop for the yellow flowers.



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