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  • Daisy POS System Features

     Order Entry

    • Cuts order entry time in half.
    • Spell checks enclosure cards and recognizes abbreviations. 
    • Helps your employees to upsell. 
    • Provides onscreen access to customer history, average purchases, balances and more.
    • Automatically builds your customers database. 
    • Instantly approves credit card transactions and verifies addresses. 
    • Automates standing orders. 
    • Enables you to create your own "Preferred Florist Directory" - allowing you to control who fulfills your customers’ orders.

     Marketing & Direct Mail

    • Presents your shop professionally. 
    • Enables you to grow and maintain both customer and recipient relationships. Helps you create special promotions and track their success.
    • Targets customer segments by purchase patterns. 
    • Enables you to print direct mail, occasion reminders and labels. 
    • Allows you to export and mail merge customer data to popular third party programs such as Microsoft® Excel, Word and Works.

    Accounting Capabilities

    • Tracks sales transactions, bills house accounts automatically. 
    • Generates detailed accounting reports. 
    • Performs robust sales and business analysis. 
    • Exports accounting data to popular accounting systems such as QuickBooks®, Peachtree® and others.




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