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    September 2015 

    Wholesale to the gift and floral trade, featuring glassware, ceramics, baskets, home accents, furniture, and accessories.


    Wholesale to the gift and floral trade, featuring glassware, ceramics, baskets, home accents, furniture, and accessories.


    Garden roses and color hydrangeas, grown high in the Andes mountains, hand cut, graded and packed and sold to select importers and wholesalers.


    Makers since 1962 of the Patrician brand of candle products, which has been expanded over that time to include glass-filled designs, metallic candles, mechanicals, and realistic, LED-lit faux wax candles along with the basic line of pillars, votives and hand-dipped tapers. Represented by the Pete Garcia Company.


    Serving the floral industry with best-quality greens and supplies for over 50 years.


    Manufacturer of quality plastic water tubes, water picks and pew clips, available through wholesale florists.


    Breeder, grower and marketer of award-winning cut flowers including ‘Million Stars’ gypsophila and now the new extra-large, extra-white gypsophila variety, Xlence™.


    The professional’s source of innovative color sprays to use on fresh flowers and almost any surface, plus a full line of sealers, spray adhesives and leaf shines to enhance and protect designs.

    877.530.TREE (8733)

    Shop online for glass vases and candleholders, glass gems, wire, ribbon, favors and more—or order by phone with 24/7 customer support.


    Lightweight, durable, recyclable and reusable vases and delivery boxes that fold flat. Vases come in a wide range of shapes, colors and textures.


    Flower purchasing via on-line live auctions and traditional buying methods. Flowers delivered anywhere, business-to-business only.


    Stylish vases (glass, wood, ceramic, zinc, and more) and accessories from candles to colored sand.


    The leading manufacturer of garden and memorial stones.


    T.R. McTaggart is the proud manufacturer of the Kristin & Company candle line, made with 100% soy, which burns clean with little or no soot… all while supporting the American farmer. Over 50 fragrances and several hutch programs.


    Highest-quality craft feathers and feather products of all kinds, from bulk feathers to boas, garlands, and handmade trims.


    Wholesale source for gift and store packaging (bags, boxes, wrap, tissue, ribbons, bows, cellophane, labels), plus gourmet foods and basket supplies. Free color catalog.


    National supplier to floral, gift, home and event décor industries for over 30 years, with more than 4,000 items including products for gift and gourmet baskets.


    Decorative fabric-covered, tussy-mussy-shaped bouquet holders, scepters, floral accessories and more. Many sizes, colors, and trims. Custom orders welcome.


    Forty-five-year-old manufacturer, importer and distributor of decorative ribbon, with more than 18,000 items stocked at wholesale prices.


    Grower of Ecuadorian roses, offering over 160 innovative varieties. Call for a wholesaler near you.


    Providers of colored sand and other craft supplies with applications in creative professional floral design.


    Floral delivery trays made of lightweight, high-impact plastic. Carrier is adjustable to any size.


    Makers of fresh-flower foams, including a wide variety of specialty items, and other supplies for florists and floral designers.


    Décor products for the home and for special events, with a special emphasis on glass and crystal in brilliant metallic finishes and colors. Wholesale to the trade only.


    Sun Valley’s premium flowers are sustainably grown in northern and southern California and St. Catherine's, Ontario, utilizing the diverse range of climate for year-round supply.


    Makers of functional yet aesthetically pleasing containers and basic supplies for the floral industry since 1946.

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