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    May 2014 

    Farm-direct peonies, shipped fresh overnight, available July, August and September from any of four Alaska peony farms.


    The American Institute of Floral Designers, a membership organization that promotes education and excellence, recognizes those who excel in the art of floral design through its accreditation and Certified Floral Designer designations.


    A producer-owned cooperative providing high-quality, farm-fresh peonies in July and August.


    With 11 distribution centers, one of the largest wholesale distributors of floral products in the USA, established in 1913. Currently searching for wholesale floral facility managers.


    The Arrive Alive® system is designed for use by florists, wholesalers and growers to hydrate cut flowers in shipment. The Transporter 10® system supports and protects arrangements during delivery; with a nonskid bottom and handles embedded in the base, it fits all types of delivery vehicles. Both products are distributed by Chrysal, the postharvest care company that supplies a complete line of plant and flower care products, including flower food, plant food, leaf shine, dosing units, and pretreatment products.


    Manufacturer of highest-quality floral and gift glassware, both hand blown and machine made. Diamond Star products can be found at fine wholesalers nationwide.

    877.530.TREE (8733)

    Shop online for glass vases and candleholders, glass gems, wire, ribbon, favors and more—or order by phone with 24/7 customer support.


    Maker of floral and craft supplies including Styrofoam™products geared to the floral industry and the new Gala Bouquet Holder with a clear handle and large wet-floral-foam receptacle.


    Glass containers designed and marketed with florists in mind, including the wide-ranging everyday Floraglas® line, with both clear and colored glass, the TranSeasonal® Collections line, and the G3® line of hand-blown, 100% recycled glassware.


    Hawaiian producer and exporter of anthuriums and tropical foliage.


    Business insurance, employee benefits and personal insurance exclusively for the floral industry.


    Wholesale source for gift and store packaging (bags, boxes, wrap, tissue, ribbons, bows, cellophane, labels), plus gourmet foods and basket supplies. Free color catalog.


    Grower of Ecuadorian roses, offering over 160 innovative varieties. Call for a wholesaler near you.


    Floral delivery trays made of lightweight, high-impact plastic. Carrier is adjustable to any size.


    Makers of fresh-flower foams, including a wide variety of specialty items, and other supplies for florists and floral designers.


    Sun Valley’s premium flowers are sustainably grown in northern and southern California and St. Catherine's, Ontario, utilizing the diverse range of climate for year-round supply.


    Makers of functional yet aesthetically pleasing containers and basic supplies for the floral industry since 1946.


    A service that helps you achieve maximum profitability and growth for your shop, using profit analysis, cluster groups, and business coaching.


    An organization dedicated to furthering the cause of world peace through the beauty of flowers and the sharing of knowledge among industry professionals. Sponsors of an annual summit with opportunities for education and cultural exchange.